Everything is Connected #BCM206

The internet of things (IoT) is basically just a giant heart pumping blood through all your viens throughout your entire body. It's pretty crazy if you think about it. Devices, vehicles, software, homes etc all connected to one central nod. You can walk into a house and everything inside it could be connected to the... Continue Reading →


Google: Does Nigeria have a Prince? #BCM206

Have you ever gotten a Facebook request from someone who has a really weirdly cropped profile photo and only one friend. Well I'm sorry to say you probably just didn't make a cool new friend. Everyone sees bots online these days and we don't usually bat an eye because they are easy to spot right?... Continue Reading →

La Resistance #BCM206

When we think about the great fighters for freedom in our society I guarantee you not a lot of people will think of these people. And thats because they are often represented or referred to as the complete opposite. I have to admit I'm extremely skeptical of what I hear from Julian Assange, Edward Snowden... Continue Reading →

Users Type as One #BM206

A war is won when it moves on multiple fronts. Just like in WW2, when Nazi Germany  was defeated as it was being attacked on too many fronts for it to withstand. Surrounded by opposition, it was forced to concede defeat and ultimately change. For any social movement/revolution to be successful it must have this... Continue Reading →

The Information Assembly Line #BCM206

I’m sure at some stage of your life whether you are acting up in class or refusing to do your homework; a teacher or your parent, in an effort to motivate you, has said these exact three words: “Knowledge is power.” Little did you know how true those words would become. Knowledge, well more specifically,... Continue Reading →

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