Isn’t The Internet Just Sublime #BCM206

Throughout the evolution of technological communication a new form has always been able to ‘exceed the ordinary’. Whether it’s the telegraph annihilating time and space, or the printing press transforming science (The Transit of Venus).

But no form of communication has exceeded the ordinary more than the internet.

The internet, in all its glory, “…induces a ‘negative lust’ in which attraction and repulsion melt into one ambiguous experience.” (Longinus 1965)

Society has always been in awe of the internet but also in fear, as unlike any other form of communication, it has recreated the world into one global village. Rather than direct networks connecting people to direct lines, the internet opens up a global nervous system, exploding with information and ideas from every angle. The internet can be compared to an type of energy only generating by natural causes as just like nature everything became connected.

This ‘negative lust’ is what I have decided to represent in my mediation. The endless rows of monkeys on typewriters represents the anarchic and improvised nature of the internet will no centralised oversight. A cyberspace full of often weird and scary idea’s like ‘virtual sex’ are just one of many less than ordinary idea’s to come from such a new phenomena.


Resources – The Technological Sublime, Jos de Mul 2011 – The Classical Review, Longinus 1965 – The Transit of Venus and the Printing Press – What is Cyberpunk?


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